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The GALAXY S III, the latest addition to Samsung mobile family. An award winning GALAXY S series now offers their new handset through Vodafone for free on a $60 per month plan. The SAVE10 coupon for 2 months has now finished however there is a free bonus accessory pack with each handset throughout September 2012. All plans above $40 come with infinite texts or calls to other Vodafone users or infinite calls and texts on plans $60 and over.

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Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy S3, as always, is inspired by nature and sees, listens, responds and allows the users to share the greatest moments. The plastic casing makes it much lighter to hold and has curved edges as in Galaxy S2. The colour balance is also better. The revised Touchwiz has made swiping smoother, with lesser clutter on the larger screen. The S Voice performs at par with the iPhone’s Siri, except for the fact that the phone needs to be trained to hear the user’s voice for certain features.

The 4.8 inch display is a Super AMOLED panel with 720 x 1280 resolution. The 1.9 MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera enables video shooting from both sides. The new 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 Cortex-A9 quad-core chips and 1GB of RAM are the features that make one grab the phone.

Some features are exclusive of Samsung Galaxy S3. The Auto-dial feature gets activated and the accelerometer and gyroscope kick up to work when the phone is taken to the ear. The Smart Alert feature makes the phone vibrate in the hand and flash an LED if the device is picked up after a missed call.

The S Voice can be used for taking photos, enquiring about weather, locking the phone, controlling music, etc. S Beam shares photos, videos, files or even albums of media over Wi-Fi. Pop-up Play pops up a video out of its player as a thumbnail, and enables one to continue watching while surfing the web or other functions.

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