Vodafone Free iPad 3 From Only $45 Monthly Plans

Offer expires: 01/08/13

The new iPad 3, the fastest and most advanced tablet in the world to date, is yours for free from Vodafone. The latest tablet from Apple is available on both 12 and 24 contracts from only $45 per month. For this you can get the base model iPad, the 16GB, completely free delivered to your door.

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iPad 3

The new iPad 3 is loaded with the iOS 5.1, the refined and mature jump from the iPad 2, though it looks much the same. The extra RAM keeps the complicated web pages accessible during multi-tab browsing. The Apple Retina Display smooths out the edges and renders text pin-sharp enabling the ebooks, websites and documents to be accessed without much strain to the human eyes. The screen portrays better contrast, greater definition with still and moving images and better colour saturation.

The camera is an amazing 5 megapixels and fitted with an infrared filter and side illumination tricks as found in iPhone 4S, while the front camera remains the usual VGA. The iPad 3 features the iPhone-esque Personal Hotspot feature that is to be activated by the provider. The Appleā€™s

Retinal display occupies 9.7 inch footprint, though an improvement, it also has resulted in increased power consumption. The battery life is also comparable to the older versions. At maximum brightness, the iPad 3 delivers about six hours of web browsing, while playing MP3 in the background.

The 4G LTE mobile broadband networking is one of the most sought out features of the iPad 3. It supports the Verizon and AT&T mobile networks. With its more powerful graphics processor, the Retina Display, a better camera and 4G LTE compatibility, the device is now almost incomparable to any of its competitors. The only drawback of the iPad 3 is that it is slightly thicker (about 0.3 mm) than the iPad 2 and also slightly heavier.

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